French, German and English | 2014 | 1:33:41


Water physically links people with everything living and brings them together in a mysterious spiritual way - like a natural internet. The film narrates seven stories about water by people who deal with it on a daily basis in their different professions. Whisky-makers, water pump builders, lockkeeper, fishermen, hydromechanics, ferrymen and a very old olive farmer tell us how they deal with the vital element and about the philosophies it inspires in them. Between these tales of water are spun the threads of many surprising links across frontiers.

About the Director

Eberhard Spreng started making Super 8 films at the age of 16. Prior to filmmaking, he worked as a freelance culture journalist, dramatic adviser, and assistant director. He has made several radio features and translated numerous plays by authors. He is also an independent author.

Place: Berlin, GERMANY
Editor: Eberhard Spreng