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Written by Vibei Kuotsu

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Are you aware of how you are using electricity, water and all natural resources? Aren’t you afraid that one day you will be left with no light or water? Well, if you don’t watch your usage, it won’t be long before our world is left with no water, electricity or any kind of energy that meets our daily needs. The most effective way to limit costs and green your footprint is through waste reduction.

Many of us are not aware of how we are wasting them. We just use them up because they are free. What if we were made to pay for our daily usage of natural resources? If we don’t watch our usage, a day will come when we will have to buy even a bucket of water and that will be a nightmare for all.

All our daily needs like soap, shampoo, deodorants and cosmetics are necessary but are you using them just as much as you require them? All this wouldn’t have been manufactured without water. So imagine what will happen if there is no water and energy resources.

A survey has found that five-star hotels in Delhi consume around 14 million litres of water and generate nearly 10 million litres of sewage every day, while millions of people are dying due to shortage of water. It all starts with you, if you start practicing something good, the person next to you will follow suit and this is how you can start the cycle.

Here are some simple steps you can follow to minimize your energy use:

Save Electricity: Let us start preserving electricity by always switching off the light when we are not in our room and keep our computer and laptops off when we are not using them. Many of us have the habit of charging our phones overnight but the truth is, this will not only consume a lot of electricity but spoil your battery too.

conserve water
Conserve water: Use a bucket instead of shower. Bathing in the shower wastes triple the amount of water used in a bucket. It is best to wash your daily used clothes with your hand. Washing machines waste lots of water and electricity.

shopping bags
Carry Shopping bags: It always feels good to carry shopping bags when we go to malls but one should try to use bags that can be reused so that you don’t have to buy and waste shopping bags every time you shop.

Public transport: Public transport like bus, metro is comparatively more tiring but that’s the best way you can save both your time and energy.

Think before you shop: Do not buy things that you don’t need and when you buy, make sure that you get only what you need so you don’t have to waste them or throw them.

waste food
Waste Food: Do not waste food. One man’s waste is another man’s treasure. Give your leftover to someone who needs it more than you. About 20 crores of people sleep hungry every night in India.

Disposables: Using of disposables has become very common, especially in large parties and occasions. Yes, they do help us by making our work a lot easier but are you aware of how much waste it generates? To reduce waste, always try to use things that can be reused.

Think before you throw. Many of the items that you would normally consider as rubbish could be used for other purposes. You could also give them to someone who needs it more than you.

Offices: Many of us have the habit of only using one side of the paper. Be it print or copy, make the habit of using both sides of the paper, as millions of trees are cut down to make paper.

fuel filling at gas station
Fuel: Having a car has become a necessity but that does not mean that a family travels by four to five cars on the same day. The amount of fuel that one is wasting in those cars can be used for more significant purposes.

Solar Energy: Mr. Madhusudan and his wife Amita who reside in the up market colony of Vasant Kunj in Delhi use only solar power and not only end up saving a lot energy but also a lot of money. People call them ‘a modern-day eco-friendly couple’. They had wanted to make the switch since a long time, and had installed solar lighting in their garden 10 years ago. But for the house, they wished for a solar power planner but they were looking for an auto-controlled one, where the battery charges automatically during the day without them having to switch it on manually.

Recycle: Segregate things that can be re-cycled and make a compost out of them. The backyard compost pile is the ideal way to reuse most of your garden and kitchen waste.

Lastly, if you care for your environment, spread the word and share this.

[Edited by Joselyn Joseph]

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