Vivek Menon is a conservation biologist who has worked on the conservation of a number of endangered species including the elephant and rhino. Currently an Honorary Wildlife Warden of Delhi, he is the author of eight wildlife books. Mr Menon is also a member of several IUCN SSC Specialist Groups including the Rhino, the Elephant and Re-introduction Specialist Groups. Through WTI/IFAW, Menon has pioneered the systematic development of wildlife rehabilitation and health monitoring as conservation tools within India. Under his leadership, more than 7,000 wildlife guards, a third of India’s anti-poaching force, have been equipped and trained to safeguard wildlife in 100 protected areas. Since establishing the first wildlife rehabilitation centres in India, Menon has led efforts to use rehabilitated animals to restock parks where poaching has decimated wildlife. In an Honorary capacity, Menon is a member of the Species Survival Commission of the IUCN, on the International Jury of the Future for Nature Awards, an advisor of the Marjan centre of Kings College, London and a Faculty of the Kerulos Centre, Oregon.

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