Media Workshop- Water in the Newsroom

 Mr. Manu Moudgil explaining how water is affecting our body and why scientists consider water as a silent killer? Earlier people used to perceive water as a sacred element of nature but now it has being sold in water bottles with a price tag. This mindset in some way or the other is also responsible for degradation on water. Water has always been a reason of conflict between communities, states and even countries. After that Mr. Moudgil gave another presentation on how data journalism and digital technology can be applied to water reporting? He first mentioned the pitfalls of data journalism that data might be half baked or lacks validation. He then spoke about the tools of data journalism – cometdocs, open refine, google fusion tables and also use of digital media platforms like twitter, instagram, soundcloud in water journalism.

Mr. Sharma had a discussion with the participants about the importance of RTI and what are the challenges faced by journalists while acquiring data from government officials?

The workshop was moderated by-

Dinesh Sharma, Environment Journalist

Manu Moudgil, Consultant, India Water Portal

Journalists at the Water in the Newsroom Workshop

Journalists at the Water in the Newsroom Workshop


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